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SP Jain


We have established a corporate partnership with S P Jain (SPJ) School of Global Management, Dubai, UAE.

S P Jain School of Global Management (SPJ)

S P Jain is a leading Business School focused on developing talented managers through a range of management programs. Departing from the conventional single campus model, it has campuses in three vibrant cities - Mumbai (1981), Dubai (2004) and Singapore (2006) which gives S P Jain a large footprint in this exciting and fast growing part of the world. This enables S P Jain's professors to gain greater insight on how these countries operate and thus enhance the learning experience.

S P Jain has ranked highly in surveys and its programs are particularly noted and recognized for their uniqueness, relevance and ability to influence work practice. As learning is a journey and does not stop with a university degree, S P Jain plays a crucial role in being your learning partner throughout your professional life.

While undertaking training and development projects with our clients we would work in collaboration with SPJ based on the need and necessary certification from the Management School. This would be done with the consent of our client. Transformations Consulting primarily brings in a wealth of industry experience through its founding members, consultants and associates who would share their knowledge and life-long experiences with the delegates who attend our programs. Along with the Corporate exposure, Industry experience of TCAT coupled with the Academic richness and Global presence of SPJ, our clients will always benefit from the unique, remarkable propositions that would be customized to suite their specific corporate needs (Website extract).