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Dilki has provided our Collection team with the "What is Collections" training. She has a deep and detailed knowledge of the subject. She managed the training with flying colors because she has a vast Collection experience that is rich with live examples. We will ask Dilki to provide the "Advanced Collection" workshop soon. I will surely attend all her workshops because I have personally gained from her knowledge. Thank you Dilki and keep up the good work.

Muhammad Chafic El Tal
Head of Collection and Recovery at Al Hilal Bank


Having worked with Dilki in the context of MBA education as well as in designing learning and development programmes, I found her to be smart, insightful, organised, well prepared, highly professional and of very high integrity. I would strongly recommend her as a consultant and partner to help move your organisation forward.

Andrew Larkin
Principal Consultant, The Leadership Learning Team


Dilki has reported to me in two functions- Training and Development and Collection Support. In both cases, what surprises you is the dedication and the importance she gives to the interest of her customer. She acquitted her self excellently in both the roles and set benchmarks for other's to follow. She was an asset to the team and I as the manager of the department always relied on her sound advice to get the feel of what is happening on the ground. I recommend Dilki as a seasoned Collections and Training professional.

Manu Kashyap
Retail Operations


Dilki worked as my HR business partner when I was running the collections business for HSBC in the Middle East. She was a strong contributor to the business and in particular put in place three key deliverables for me.
1- Setting up the in-house training unit within collections. 2- Selecting, recruiting and accrediting a pool of freshers as collectors. with specific focus on young Emeratis. 3- Managing,motivating and achieving results through a team collectors in early delinquency portfolio.

Ian Newman B.Sc. ACIB
Director of Credit Programmes at Lloyds Banking Group


Working at HSBC Bank Mille East, Dilki was a very capable performer who went the extra mile to achieve results. Her communication skills are impressive and she is a real team player with targets exceeded.

John Edgley
Head of Collections at Albemarle & Bond Holdings plc


I am pleased to recommend Dilki to all who may be able to use her talents. A dedicated professional who is not only quick to learn but also apply knowledge and skills acquired. When we were working togther she was a highly competent trainer/faciltator and used excellent coaching skills to assist in the development of colleagues.

Peter Ibbs
Owner, Peter Ibbs